Texting and driving isn't bad enough, Google is lobbying for Glass to be allowed while driving

Google Glass
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"Don't be a glasshole"

We love many things that Google does on the clean energy front, from investments in wind and solar farms to buying startups that are working on innovative ways to produce clean energy. But not everything Google does sits right with us... the company's lobbyists have been pushing for at least three U.S. states to allow their Google Glass wearable computing devices while driving. Not only would that be an added danger for motorists, but it also seems like it would be terrible for cyclists and pedestrians.

Watching cat videos at 65 mph

People are already distracted enough while driving, with some imbeciles deciding it's fine to send text messages behind the wheel. The last thing we need is another reason for people to take their focus off the road.

There's even been reports online by people who have Google Glass prototypes saying that it was actually more distracting than even texting.

We hope that Google will reconsider. They had to release a tutorial for Google Glass users recently, reminding them not to be creeps and not to be "glassholes". Well, the backlash that they're seeing now for Glass will be nothing compared to what it'll be after some people are killed because they were distracted while driving. If Google pushes hard for this to be legally allowed, they'll have to face the consequences...

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