Google, Dell, Intel Want Greener PCs

About 50% of the power that a computer draws from the wall is wasted, turned to heat and sound. When you take into account that computers often sit idle or on standby, then the situation appears even worse. Servers are rather better, but still not ideal, wasting on average 30% of their supplied power.

Not all machines are like this though. Google fellow, Urs Hölzle, said, "This is not a technology problem. We have power supplies with 90 percent efficiency shipping today." However, the power supplies would add $20 to the price of a computer, and in today’s competitive market place manufacturers won’t willingly add the parts.

Google, Intel and a few PC and component companies has announced the formation of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, which will try to change this state of affairs and get manufacturers to ship more efficient power supplies with new machines.

As a target the group can look to one of its own members, Google. The search giant’s servers are 90-95% efficient, which works out cheaper than paying the extra power costs over the machines lifetime.The group are hoping that some energy companies, like California's Pacific Gas and Electric, will provide rebates for consumers who buy energy-efficient PCs. This should help eliminate the price gap between standard and energy efficient machines, and volume production will further erode it.

There are also some easy steps to take that can be put in place straight away. Most companies ship Windows machines with the energy saving features turned off, which will remain the case for most computers entire lifespan. Dell has said that they will ship all their machines with these features turned on by default. The group are aiming for a figure of 90% efficiency on new machines by 2010, which would save 54 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in that year alone. :: ZD Net

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