Goldfish Swim in Five-Part Harmony with Quintetto (Video)

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It never hurts to have a little of the weird mixed in to your Friday reading, and this certainly fits the bill. For those of us tired of the classic goldfish tank, there's a new option to hook the tanks up to our stereo systems and listen as the fish make five-part harmony just by swimming around the tank. And installation called Quintetto by Quiet Ensemble uses video cameras to turn the movements of the five fish into a fabric of ambient music.Composed of five vertical tanks with one fish each, and a video camera assigned to each tank, the movements of the fish are recorded and translated into sound with computer software. Five different instruments represent the five fish and soon, their swimming becomes a small orchestra.

Quintetto from Quiet ensemble on Vimeo.

As Yatzer writes
, "Quiet Ensemble seeks to compose sounds out of the most casual movements of the "invisible concerts" of everyday life. Utilizing technology to capture, express and translate our most natural of routines, Quiet Ensemble builds narratives that explore not only the music of our lives but also conceptual relationships between the natural and built environment."

There is little more basic in the settings of daily life than a goldfish in a tank, and to turn that into music is, well, simply beautiful.

We read earlier how important sound is to fish - who'd have thought that the sound of fish could become important to us.

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