Glass Tesla app extends Google Glass for Tesla Model S owners

Glass Tesla app
© Sahas Katta

It was inevitable that the number one car in the world and the number one must-have gadget of the future came together.

Thanks to the magic of Google Glass and the skills of Sahas Katta, car owners fortunate enough to have both a Tesla Model S and Google Glass will be able to remotely control a number of features on the car, right from the device.

With the Glass Tesla app, users can control the car's climate control system, the locks and doors, the charging system, access real-time data about mileage and the state of charge, get directions, locate or track the location of the Model S, and more.

This isn't an official Glass or Tesla app (Tesla has their own app for the Model S already), but the rumor is that at least one Google engineer loves it, and there's no telling where that relationship could lead.

Because there aren't too many of us that own a Tesla Model S, and even fewer Google Glass units around right now, Glass Tesla isn't an app that makes sense for many people just yet. But it does show a possible next step in the evolution at the intersection of interactive and connected vehicles and wearable computing, and I get the feeling that we're going to see a lot more of these types of applications in the near future.

If you're a Model S and a Google Glass owner, you can grab the app at Glass Tesla.

Glass Tesla app extends Google Glass for Tesla Model S owners
Electric car, meet wearable computing.

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