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This app gives free ad space to deserving charities and NGOs on one of our tech-centric culture's most commonly seen screens - our smartphone lock screens.

Instead of letting your smartphone display go dark when you're out and about and not immediately using it, why not use it to help spread the word about the important humanitarian work being done by charities and NGOs? Screen Donor is a remarkably simple app that taps into a virtually untouched ad space in modern culture, the smartphone display, for a decidedly good advertising purpose.

The app, which was developed in Sweden by JMW Kommunikation and IVEO for the Swedish chapter of Doctors of the World, allows users to display ads for NGOs on their smartphone screens, giving those charitable organizations potential access to new audiences without having to spend their sorely-needed funds on advertising campaigns.

The Screen Donor app is free and simple to use (iOS & Android), as users only need to launch app before putting their smartphone down in front of them (during a meeting, in a public place, etc.), and it will disable the phone's normal screen-saving function and instead display information about a charity or NGO until the app is stopped.

For those who always sit with their smartphone in front of them on the table everywhere they go, this could be a very passive way of putting the message about humanitarian organizations out front and center for everyone to see, and potentially boost those organizations' visibility.

"NGOs should spend as much money as they can on helping people. Not on ads. This is why we have created Screen Donor. Now you can donate free ad space on your smart phone display to your NGO of choice." - Screen Donor

The Screen Donor app is only currently hosting ads for Doctors of the World, but more ads and organizations are said to be in the works for users to choose from. Find out more at Screen Donor, or go directly to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to download the free app today.

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