Gigabytes for Good Initiative Sends Computers to Malawi

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Gigabytes for Good is a new initiative launched by neighBORROW and Goods for Good. The two organizations have combined efforts to send used computers to community organizations that care for orphans in Malawi, East Africa. Read on for how you can help out and donate your old computer to this great cause. On their own, the two groups are pretty awesome. neighBORROW is a program that facilitates neighbors and groups lend items to one another in order to save money and let each person make a smaller impression on the planet. Goods for Good takes excess items goods from the US and sends it to children in need in developing countries. Both of the groups work to redistribute goods and wealth to where it is most needed, fairly balancing the resources we have available to us.

The two groups are combining their resources and working to get lightly used and useful computers to organizations in Malawi that help children. If you have a computer that is less than six years old with a quality hard drive, keyboard and battery, you could help out.

There are two ways you can get used computers to the group. First, you can list the item on your profile at If you'd prefer not to do that, you can donate directly to Goods for Good. However, if you create a profile, you'll be able to track the location of the computer you donate, helping to turn up that warm fuzzy feeling you'll undoubtedly get.

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