Getting Ready for Earth Day: Getting Greener Electronics


As Earth Day draws ever nearer, we'll focus on ways to save the planet some trouble with some of the things that we all use just about every day: personal electronics. Computers, batteries, radios and the like can really add up when it comes to energy use and e-waste; here are some ways to keep connected while keeping your gadgets' footprint small.

1) Check out our top five tips for reducing computer energy use; if you're shopping for a new one, take a peek at Asus' bamboo notebook (the greenest laptop yet?) and watch for RoHS and EPEAT certifications, and when your through with your 'puter, be sure to recycle it.
2) When it comes to batteries, rechargeables are the way to go for alkaline; read this guide to learn more about caring for other rechargeables (like the one in your cell phone).
3) Crank power can replace many common plug-in chargers; we picked a handful that include wind-up cell phone chargers, remotes, flashlights and radios. XM is reportedly working on a wind-up satellite radio, and some even combine functionality, like this cell phone/flashlight combo.
4) For greener listening, speakers like these hemp cone jobs, Panasonic's bamboo speakers, Pioneer's reclaimed whiskey-barrel speakers and these crazy gourd speakers are just a few of the options available for the discerning green music fan.

Check out our guide to How to Green Your Electronics for more tips on green gadgetry, and stay tuned for more ideas for a greener life in preparation for Earth Day.

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