Get Cash...By Recycling?

If you're one of the millions of cellphone users with two year contracts that automatically upgrade your phone upon renewal, then you've been in this situation. You get a shiny new phone in the mail. Probably, lots of better features than your previous clunker. Maybe the old one is even incompatible with the new service. And so, you're left with a basically useless piece of plastic kicking around your house... But, before you throw it away, take a look at -- you might be able to make some extra money from your old friend. CellforCash buys old phones, and re-sells them to businesses who still use that model, or in other countries. If your phone can't be sold, they recycle it using a "total consumption recycling" process. This means that they use:

• Certified destruction of equipment and materials.
• Environmentally correct disposition of goods.
• Metal & plastic recovery and recycling.
• Certificate of destruction.
• 100% accountability for materials - No landfills.
• ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IAER Certified Recycler.

You get to reduce the waste burden on the world, and some spare change in the bargain. Pretty groovy.
:: [by DM]