Generation Awake Offers Virtual Resource Efficiency Guide

A campaign called Generation Awake is educating Europeans about making more sustainable and eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives in order to be 'smarter' consumers.

The website and virtual guide centers around the idea that we are all consumers, and that our shopping choices and daily habits have an effect on the planet and our own future as a human race.

"Our future depends on how we use resources now. In our eagerness to improve our standard of living, we tend to consume without thinking about the consequences. We forget the impact of our behaviour on natural resources such as water, fertile soils, clean air and biodiversity. And this has a price: as resources become scarcer, we put our future welfare at risk." - Generation Awake

Generation Awake is providing plenty of facts about our water supply and use, the quality of our air, the problems of our waste-streams, our energy usage, etc., and educates readers on alternatives, in the hopes that people will then begin to make more sustainable choices.

The campaign's home page is pretty amazing just from a design perspective - lots of mouseover effects and moving parts - but what I liked best about it was the attitude. The site doesn't hit you over the head with some hard green message, or proclaim that all consumption is bad, but rather offers up plenty of ideas about changing habits and behavior patterns.

And then there are the cutesy videos:

"Using natural resources more efficiently is the only way to achieve the health, wealth and well-being we all aspire to. Becoming resource-efficient means changing our way of thinking and patterns of behaviour and taking account of how our choices affect natural resources. It’s not about consuming less – it’s about consuming differently."

The website offers animated videos, a water consumption guide, and an online/downloadable guide, the "Awake Consumption Guide". Yes, it's for the European Union. Yes, it probably all still applies to wherever you are, so get it, read it, and pass it on.

Generation Awake Offers Virtual Resource Efficiency Guide
The European Commission's online resource efficiency guide helps consumers make better choices for a better world.

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