Gadget & Cell Phone Solar-Powered Recharge, LG Skycharger at CES 2009

Jaymi told you about this baby and shot a video demonstration on her trip to CES last month. Here's another taste of what happens when you cross a yurt with some bus-station lockers, add on-site mini wind turbines, solar panels and viola! You've got the LG Skycharger that can recharge up to 104 mobile phones in an hour. The Skycharger stores any unused energy in a bank of batteries so you're good to go recharging even when there's little sun or wind. The geeky gravy on top comes in the form of screens with weather info and stats on power generation and consumption within the station.

LG Skycharger Green Design Footprint

This self-sustaining, free-standing outdoor power station provides a secure place to get green energy while you're away from traditional sources of gizmo juice. It charges handsets made by most major manufactures with the exception of Palm. The unit itself, which debuted at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, consists of 104 lockers with a variety of chargers tied into the central system. Just plug in your phone, lock the locker and come on back in an hour or so when it's charged up.

LG Skycharger Development History

The very first charger of its kind, the unit was developed by Got Wind Dot Org premiering at Glastonbury music festival 2007 as the Orange Wind Charger, aka the RechargePod aka the rather prolix moniker "First freestanding Renewable Energy mobile phone charging station." The station then had 56 lockers, ergo 56 phones could be recharged simultaneously, taking about 45 minutes to recharge a handset -- or about 80 phones an hour getting re-upped by renewables. Watch video of the orange windcharger video here.

Reborn in Glastonbury 2008 as the "Recharge Pod Mk2" with an increase of power in its renewable system, the station was now capable of providing power to 104 devices. The new central column wass designed to provided a marketing space while also making the station faster to build, take down and operate, making it ideally suited to a tour environment. Finally rechristened by LG as the Skycharger and redebuting at CES 2009, its inventors hope to deploy it at festival sites and events around the World later this year.

via Susty | GotWind | Skycharger UK | EcoWonk