Fulwood Mini Desktop Sips Just 16 Watts

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Photo Credit: VeryPC

Energy-sipping desktops are starting to become the norm, and a new desktop for Very PC drives that point home, running on just 16 watts.

The Fulwood is a Mac Mini-sized desktop that beats out even the 23 watt sipper Shuttle x27 PC for low power useage. In fact, it is 75% more efficient than Energy Star requirements. Best of all, it doesn't sacrifice high performance for that low power. Indeed, it seems to be a full package.

The Fulwood, despite its meagre power draw doesn't fall short on features, which include an Intel P9500 2.53GHz dual core CPU, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Intel x4500HD graphics, DVDRW, remote control Windows Vista Premium, DVI (with DVI-VGA splitter for dual screens and HDMI adaptor), and surround sound audio (with SPIDIF optical interface Gigabit LAN). All of this is placed into a stylish little box no larger than 165.1 x 165.1 x 50 mm.
Like with all VeryPC machines the Fulwood is fully customisable. Available options include internal WiFi, internal digital/hybrid TV tuner and internal Bluetooth.

While pretty pricy at £868-1104 ($1,562-$1,987) depending on specs, it might be worthwhile to green-minded people to have a high performing PC that saves you some bucks on energy bills. You can pre-order starting September 25.

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