Fujitsu Woodshell Bioplastic Computer


Latest in wood design at the Milan Furniture Salon (MocoLoco here) is this wood-clad Fujitsu notebook with the catchy name FMV-BIBLO NX95Y/D, also known as the "Woodshell." It is covered in "forest-thinned" cedar and 30% of the housing and plastic parts are made from corn-based bioplastics.

The proportions look clunky and the canvas carrying case looks like it was made from hats left over from Beau Geste. It does not look nearly as sexy as last year's Asus Bamboo number, but we do love PC's that are "not merely an environmentally friendly tool but an object of enduring style and utility-" Let's just hope that cedar is FSC certified and that corn is organic. ::Fujitsu via ::Unplggd

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