Fujitsu Siemens Sets Sights on Zero-Watt Desktop PC

esprimo green pc from fujitsu siemens image

Photo via Fujitsu's Esprimo Green PC line

Fujitsu Siemens has been on the zero-watt hunt since it came out with its monitor that consumes no energy while in standby mode. They claim to have achieved the same feat for a desktop PC and plans to unveil one at the upcoming CeBit tradeshow in a few weeks. According to Fujitsu Siemens, the Zero-Watt PC will use - as its name implies - zero watts in standby, yet still be considered available for administration. How exactly this works, only Fujitsu Siemens knows and therefore the claim is up for a lot of skepticism.

The company already makes Esprimo Green PC, a line of PCs that uses less than one watt while in standby mode. They plan to unveil the secret of the Zero-watt PC at CeBit, which kicks off March 3rd. We'll keep our eye out for details on whether or not this is a twist of the truth or the real deal. Either way, the PC - zero watt or not - is scheduled to be on the market by mid-year.

Via Register Hardware
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