Fujitsu Siemens Launches Its Own Green IT Label


Logo images via Fujitsu Siemens

Tired of waiting around for those objective third party green labels to analyze electronics and dub them green or not? Fujitsu Siemens seems to be tired too, so they're launching their own Green IT label.

Apparently third parties like EPEAT and Energy Star aren't good enough, and Fujitsu Siemens says consumers need far more guidance when buying computers — so they think shoppers should take their advice. The label will be applied to Fujitsu Siemens products rolling off manufacturing lines from November 2008 and on. Their system ranks products based on the materials used in manufacturing, recyclability, and energy efficiency. The products will be given up to three stars based on where they fall in these categories — and the requirements line up tightly with those already in place by EPEAT and Energy Star, such as 80% efficient power supplies, green packaging, and keeping hazardous materials out of the product.

However, it's a bit tough to take seriously computer purchasing advice handed out by a computer manufacturer. Think they have a little conflict of interest going on there?

We give props to Fujitsu Siemens for taking green computer manufacturing seriously and helping out consumers where they can. But we also suggest that consumers take this star system with a grain of salt. Add into consideration the info provided by EPEAT, Energy Star and other green labeling systems so that you get the fullest understanding of just how "green" a product is.

Fujitsu has already labeled 33 products, seven of which have earned three stars, and more labeling is to follow.

Via Greener Computing
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