Fujitsu Develop Corn Computer (and other IT news)

We begin with Greenbiz who have a news story about Fujitisu developing a notebook computer, which is made from 50% corn starch. The new plastic is called a ‘polymer alloy’ blending, as it does, polylactic acid (PLA see Ingeo) and a non-crystalline plastic. By adding the plant based content, it is suggested that CO2 emissions are reduced by about 15%. Then we noticed that Grist are digging into their endless arsenal of glorious puns ('"Design of the Times") to reference a story in The Los Angeles Times. It is a very worthy and timely article. Saves us the trouble of writing one. Covers heaps of the issues in the designing and recycling of computers and other consumer durables. If you want more info on how to contact your ‘beige box’s’ manufacturer to see if they are undertakening some of the initiatives mentioned in LA Times then take the Greenpeace Toxic Tech Test. [by WM]