Fujitsu Claims World's Most Energy Efficient Server


Fujitsu Siemens Computers has taken the wraps off its Primergy TX120 tower server, describing it as the most energy efficient server in the world. Fujitsu Siemens claimed that the TX120 consumes 40 per cent less energy than conventional tower servers, and is only one-third the size. It also makes half the noise, according to the firm, producing 28dB while idling and 31dB in operation.TX120 uses a redesigned heat pipe air cooling system. Although previous systems have used heat pipe cooling, reducing the size of the unit required a new component alignment strategy. In the TX120 all heat producing components, CPU, chipsets, etc, are strictly aligned along a linear heat pipe. Two small temperature controlled fans also sit either side of the pipe in a push-pull arrangement. The result is noise output of 32dB in operation and 28dB when idle. This is below the ambient noise of a quiet office environment.

Another benefit of the heat pipe is it enables the user to choose either vertical or horizontal server installation. Unlike water cooling used in some small servers, heat pipe provides similar quiet operation, requires fewer components, and with no potential leakage problems is more reliable.

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Link: Primergy TX120