Friends Again? HP Gets Props from Greenpeace in Latest Gadget Guide

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Greenpeace has released its latest iteration of the electronics guide ranking manufacturers on the sustainability of their products and processes. Turns out there was a reason for HP to get a little huffy about Greenpeace tagging their roof - they had a nearly PVC- and BFR-free computer up their sleeve. Greenpeace is rewarding them with higher points in their new gadget guide, as well as Apple, which just released carbon footprint data on their website. Check out where they rank along with other big name manufacturers, and see who is still languishing at the bottom of the list. "HP has made the first step in catching up with Apple, which eliminated these materials from its entire product line almost a year ago," said Greenpeace International's Toxics campaigner Casey Harrell. "HP's action now puts pressure squarely on its competitors to put more products on the market that are cleaner and safer."

That's because HP released a PC - the ProBook 5310m Notebook - that is virtually free of PVC (vinyl plastic) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), with only the power supply unit and cable still containing the substances.

Unfortunately others didn't fare so well with Greenpeace's rabid stance on these toxic materials - LGE took a nosedive from 4th to 11th position due to a penalty point for backtracking on its timeline to eliminate PVC and BFRs in all its products by end of 2010.

Keep an eye on your rooftops, LGE.

"We expect these powerful tech companies to stand by their claims and set examples of strong leadership for other industries to follow," said Harrell. "Only Philips, Acer and Samsung support the levels of cuts required to stem dangerous climate change."

Nokia is still at the top - not surprising since they were just recognized as most sustainable technology company by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.

Sadly, someone has to be at the bottom, and it's still Nintendo with a score of 1.4 out of 10, based primarily on an increase in greenhouse gas emissions within its operations.

Check out the rest of the rankings over at Greenpeace.

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