Freeplay's ZipCharge Means Super Fast Charging

freeplay zipcharge gadget charger image

Image via Dvice

If you're looking to recharge your smaller devices like a cell phone or MP3 player, the ZipCharge is a speedy way to do so. It can gather enough energy in just 10 minutes to power a hand-held gadget. The ZipCharge is by Freeplay, a company well known around TreeHugger, and their newest device sounds pretty darn cool.

Using a nano-phosphate lithium cell (technology initially designed for hybrid cars) and intelligent circuitry for fast charging, the external power stick can charge up in just 10 minutes. It also comes with a USB port and multiple adapter tips so it is compatible with over 85% of phones.

We wish it used renewable power like so many of their other products, but it'd be pretty incredible to get enough cell phone battery power in 10 minutes of winding a crank. The ZipCharge goes on sale in March 2009 for $80, which is pretty pricey for back-up power. But could be worth it if you're away from an outlet for awhile.

Via Cleantechnica
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