Waste Receptacle Offers Wi-Fi in Exchange for Dog Poo

poo wifi photo.YouTube/Screen capture

Nothing ruins a pleasant stroll through the park quite like having to dodge a minefield of dog poop. But thanks to a novel new waste receptacle system being tested in Mexico City, pet-owners have a whole new reason to pick up after their canines -- the reward of free wifi.

The Mexican Internet company Terra has unveiled a clever machine to help incentivize keeping city parks clean as part of a campaign called Poo Wifi. The concept is remarkably simple: When dog-owners deposit baggies of their pet's waste into the special receptacle, it becomes a temporary hotspot offering free internet access for everyone within range.

And evidently, the more poo that's fed into it, the longer the connection will last. Bullmastiff owners in Mexico City are about to become extremely popular among laptop-wielding parkgoers, methinks.

Here's a video explaining how Poo Wifi works:

While rewarding folks to keep parks free of dog droppings will certainly beautify the experience for others, the campaign just might encourage people sans pets to spend more time outdoors as well.

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