Free Software From Microsoft To Track Carbon Emissions


When you are a big, you are a big target. So it has been with Microsoft and the green computing movement, with critics swiftly pointing out the error of their ways. Like the fact that Windows XP wasted maybe $25 billion in energy. Or the fact that some Vista capable really weren't. These are serious issues, and should be addressed.

But today is different because there is some neat news to report; the William J Clinton Foundation and Microsoft have announced a partnership to develop new technology tools to help large cities create, track and share strategies to reduce carbon emissions. In particular, the software tools aim to create a standardized way for cities all around the world to measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

It sounds like the former president thought of the idea, as it is "part of a broader set of programs being introduced by the foundation". Still, my sense is that MS has a few guys around who can build this thing right (it's going to be web-based and collaborative) and fast (expect a first release before the end of 2007). We eagerly await the results. :: ZdNet

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