Fox Steals iPhone, Sends SMS Messages

A bit of "Oh! Shiny!" news for your Wednesday. A couple of kids who saw a fox prowling around wanted to see if they could attract it by playing the sound of a dying rabbit on their iPhone. (Yes, even that odd app exists. I have a Varmint Caller on my phone that plays distress calls for everything from rabbits to fawns to woodpeckers to attract wildlife.) Anyway, the call did more than just attract the fox -- it took off with the phone! When the kids tried calling the phone to locate it, the fox answered and texted them back. A tech-savvy fox... who'd have guessed? Though its typing skills could use some work. The message, according to Ubergizmo, was, “Jlv In ø \ a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw”.

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