A foldable solar USB charger for power on the fly

iLAND FLY solar USB charger

Portable electronic gadgets are in everyone's pockets these days, from phones to MP3 players to video games to e-readers, and while they can be incredibly useful while their batteries are full, if you plan on using one for long periods, you'll need to have a plan for recharging it while you're on the move. That means carrying a standard charger (and staying near an outlet), toting along a backup battery (if your device has a removable battery), or packing another charging device with you, such as this foldable solar USB charger.

The iLAND FLY is a flexible and portable charging device capable of powering up a variety of devices, from phones to cameras, that is said to be water-, dust-, and shock-resistant. Weighing in at just over a third of a pound, and measuring 9.25" x 3.74" when folded, it's considered to be pocket-sized (although I'm curious who has pockets that are nine inches long).

The charger unfolds to 16.25 inches by 9.25 inches, and includes a hanging system so that the 2.6W glass-free solar panel can be deployed in the sun, which then sends power to the 2100mAh battery pack (charges in about three hours, depending on the situation).

This Swiss-made device is claimed to be built to military grade specs, the solar cells are said to be "Shadow Tolerant" (even charging in low-light conditions), and the solar performance is said to not be affected by temperature.

Regularly priced at about $150, a holiday promotion from iLAND is offering the FLY for $100, which may make this a worthy gift for the gadgeteer in your life.

A foldable solar USB charger for power on the fly
Carry this lightweight foldable solar USB charger with you for powering up your gadgets when you're on the go.

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