Fix Christmas Lights Fast With This Handy Gadget

For many people, it is a tradition to put up holiday lights before the turkey leftovers have disappeared into sandwiches and soups. So, we might as well start talking about the subject of holiday lights now, and how you can avoid throwing out more strings of lights than you have to.

Discovery highlighted this interesting little device called the LightKeeper Pro. It promises to help you fix strings that won't light up, and even help you pinpoint broken bulbs.

Alice on Discovery writes, "The most common reason why light sets fail is because the shunts fail to energize. LightKeeper’s Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped electrical pulse to clear the shunt, allowing it to operate properly. This lets the current flow through and illuminate the rest of the bulbs. To use, plug LightKeeper into an empty light socket — it doesn’t have to be the bad bulb, pull the trigger and the lights should come on. If that doesn’t fix it, LightKeeper also can help locate the bad bulb with an audible voltage detector, that tells you where the electricity stopped flowing."

It sounds pretty darn handy if it works correctly. The device is available at a whole range of bigbox stores from Home Depot to Target (but not available in every state) or you can order it online for $30. It might seem just a touch expensive, but if you figure this will save you from buying that amount in new lights this year, as well as years to come, it seems worth the money.

Holiday lights are beautiful, but they're no friend to the environment. And unfortunately, not a lot of people recycle broke strings of lights, or strings that seem broken but could probably be repaired. If this device can keep holiday lights working properly for more years, then we're all for a little investment in it.

Fix Christmas Lights Fast With This Handy Gadget
The LightKeeper Pro will help you fix a string of lights in seconds, and even ID burned out bulbs.

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