First Pictures of Suissa's Latest Computer: Enlighten


We love Suissa computers; they are built like very fine furniture, endlessly upgradable to last as long as you do. Their newest is called Enlighten, and "offers a visually dynamic form which explores the modularity of technology, reflects the movement through time that our memories occupy and provides a tangible home for them." It was launched today at IIDEX along with Revolution, the tower on the right.


Howard Suissa says "The design of Enlighten reflects the trend to separate our personal data from the immediate vicinity of technology. While Enlighten visually separates the processing from our input, they are fully present, because the memories we store on our computers, our photos, home videos, music and other collections, belong with the family, not in some Matrix-like concept"


Enlighten "separates those items with which we interface, such as the DVD drive and power button, from those which we do not interface, such as the motherboard, memory, video card and power supply. All the pieces of a computer do not need to be in one block together. The form of Enlighten relates to our changing uses and understanding of the proceeds of our personal technology."


Not even my shiny new Lumix can turn me into a photographer. For those less poetically inclined, the production model includes:

-sustainably harvested wood;
-Intel quad core CPU;
-4 gig RAM;
NVIDIA 8600GTX video card;
1 terabyte hard drive;
DVD burner

Price: Cheap at $ 16,000, ::Suissa Computers

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