E-Waste Isn't Cute: That Singing Valentine’s Day Card is Illegal to Throw Away in California

holiday card imageYouTube/Video screen capture

Every holiday brings up a pet peeve of mine -- electronic cards. The singing or lights are cute for about .5 seconds, before you think about the amount of waste it has created for a quick moment of novelty. That goes for the singing Valentine's Day cards that have popped up in card shops and drug stores.

Generation Green points out that in California it is illegal to toss the cards in the trash. "Singing cards contain batteries and electronic circuit boards that are classified as Universal Waste (U-Waste) in California, meaning it is illegal for them to be disposed of into sanitary landfills."

But even if it isn't illegal in your state, you don't want to toss these in the waste bin. They're e-waste, whether classified as such or not. There are metals and materials in them that are toxic, and they need to be recycled along with your batteries, cell phones, and anything else that turns on or off.

Just a little reminder as the holiday approaches to please, leave the e-cards in the stores. If you want to take it a step further, Generation Green links us to this petition you can sign to get Hallmark to stop making the blasted things in the first place.

h/t to Simran Sethi

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