Eton Emergency Crank Radio

Someone was thinking. How to keep your radio audience listening all the time? One way would be to offer them a radio that will operate no matter where they are. Something just like the Eton, for example. Crank it for a minute and half and you can tune in for a full hour. If only banks gave that sort of return on investment. This thing has so many features it's probably also advertised on late night TV with that immortal line "But wait ... there's more!" Let's for the moment forget the siren and flashing emergency light and focus more on the added mobile phone charger. Uh huh, it seems to be able to run a charge to your fading cellular phone battery by winding away on the foldout hand crank. Freeplay have been providing">such gizmos for ages now, but at last look they didn't have an all-in-one version. Available for $50 USD from NPR, the US's excellent non-commerical radio program. Big thanks to Sadie C. for the tip. ::NPR Online Store