Epson's New LCD Display is High-Reflect, Low-Power

epson LCD mobile screen photo

Photo via Tech On and Вася Артёмов . Note:The iPod Touch shown here doesn't have the new Epson technology; it's an example of a device that could use it.

In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of mobile device displays, Epson released their Photo Find High Reflect (HR) transflective amorphous silicon TFT (a-TFT) LCD. I know, acronym galore, right?

Basically it is a technology that will help make the screens of mobile devices highly visible even in direct sunlight, while not consuming very much energy. So you can actually read your cell phone screen while outside and your battery life is extended.

So how do they do it?

The transflective LCDs use a transmissive mode with light provided by a backlight in darker environments, while outdoors and in other well-lit locations their reflective mode harnesses the surrounding light, reducing backlight power consumption.

By using the high reflection technology they've worked on for years with new optical designs, they've been able to make a screen that is visible no matter how bright the surrounding environment is.

This is the same technology technological aim for high readability without the high power consumption as e-paper, which is visible even in direct sunlight without sucking up much energy. Also, OLEDs are on their way which will offer highly visible screens with low power consumption.

It just keeps getting better.

Via Tech On
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