EPEAT and EcoLogo Partner Up to Promote Electronics

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The Green Electronics Council and EcoLogo are teaming up to make certification of green electronics easier.

EcoLogo already certifies a wide range of products, and EPEAT has gained clout in the electronics sector. The partnership will help speed up adoption of eco-friendly computer products. The partnership is expected to help speed up and expand EPEAT’s ability to get quality green products a stamp of approval, which means consumers will have an expanding information base for purchases.

"As growing numbers of computer purchasers worldwide select products that meet the EPEAT system's stringent environmental criteria, manufacturers are eager to register products in the system," Jeff Omelchuck, EPEAT's Executive Director, said in a statement. "This collaboration with one of the most well-respected environmental standards organizations enables EPEAT to increase our registration capacity and to forward our mission of greening the electronic product sector."

These two organizations have developed a reputation for reliability in their certifications, however, we hope that a faster process doesn’t mean undeserving products slip through. Maintaining rigorous standards while figuring out speedier certification methods will be important. We’ll keep a close watch.

Via Press Release via Greener Computing
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