Entire Walls Tiled With Old Keyboard Keys

What to do with old keys from keyboards? Some artists make jewelry, some make accessories, even toys...and some make entire walls tiled with them. Artist Sarah Frost makes a big statement with tiny keys.

Frost states, "My work examines our culture through the collection of its remains, such as discarded consumer objects. Rather than making representations to create an art object, I accumulate cast-off objects that already exist. I choose them for their history, evidence of use and what they imply about their users. I then re-present these items in a different form and context for a particular site. I find the traces of the personal left on these objects – evidence of habits, experience, emotion and personal taste – poignant in the absence of their owners and any further use."

Creating art out of the discarded bits and pieces of daily life is a powerful way to remind us about the harmful effects of our consumer culture. Artists like Chris Jordan, for example, are experts at taking handfuls of cast-off items and showing them for what they are -- our inescapable waste. It is particularly true of our wasteful gadget habits, where millions of cell phones, computers, and gadgets are replaced each year and rarely recycled. These walls by Sarah Frost are also incredibly beautiful, and it is encouraging to see so many bits of plastic remade into something outstanding.

Entire Walls Tiled With Old Keyboard Keys
One artist has come up with a gorgeous reuse for the plastic keys on old, discarded keyboards

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