EnergySaver Mobile App Analyzes Energy and Water Use, Helps You Save Money

Some of us in the green community want to use less energy and water just because we feel it's the best thing to do for the planet, and some of us want to use less because it also leads to saving money.

No matter what your motivation, it's pretty clear that the desire is there, but sometimes the tools to do so aren't very obvious. However, a new mobile app will help you not only track your energy and water use, but will also analyze it and help you make changes to reduce your consumption, lower your carbon footprint, and keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your wallet.

"EnergySaver allows you to analyze your current and estimate your future energy consumption instead of just analyzing or tracking past energy consumption. EnergySaver also enables you to customize and analyze each appliance's energy consumption instead of just the overall consumption. By analyzing each appliance's current energy consumption, you can make real changes that will translate into more money in your wallet."

With the EnergySaver app, you set up an energy profile for your house (or multiple profiles - one for each season if you like, or for other residences), and the app will let you easily add some pre-programmed gas, electric, or water appliances or create your own. Then, you can either select some pre-populated energy rates or input your own, and analyze the energy or water consumption of your appliances to find out how to optimize your house for the most efficient and cheapest energy use to save both power and money.

The app will help you find out which appliances are using the most energy, and the ones that have phantom loads (which can be tricky to figure out sometimes), and then help you make better decisions in both usage and new appliance purchases.

The EnergySaver app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android platforms. Grab your copy at iTunes ($2.99) or Google Play ($2.99).

EnergySaver Mobile App Analyzes Energy and Water Use, Helps You Save Money
Instead of just tracking your energy and water use, grab this mobile app that helps you analyze your consumption habits and make changes to save both resources and money.

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