Energy-Saving Light Shines Only When Your Eyes Are Open

energy lamp imageRandofo via Vimeo/Video screen capture

Earth Day is coming up quickly and it's time to think about how much electricity we use. What better way to do that than to connect our reading lamps to our faces. No, really. This lamp turns on when it detects that your eyes are open, and off when your eyes are shut. Neato!

Instructables user randofo states:

In the spirit of Earth Day, I have created a revolutionary new energy-saving lighting solution that is only ever on when your eyes are open. This is remarkably more efficient than normal lighting that remains on, even when your eyes are shut. Using my device, you get light when you need it, and darkness when you don't. This is not only beneficial to you and your energy bill, but great for mother Earth.

This device was made as part of my ongoing effort to use less energy, reduce my footprint, and prevent climate change. I foresee similar technologies being implemented in televisions, computers, and electric cars. I am confident that future generations will thank me for this innovation.

While it may not do a lot to save energy, and could be more annoying than helpful considering you have to hook your face up to a lamp, not to mention a little electrifying, it's still a very fun idea and reminds us of how and when we're consuming electricity.

Full instructions for how to build your very own on-again-off-again lamp are available on Instructables.

(And the last step states: "Caution!!! Connecting your face to a DIY device that is plugged directly into the wall is a terrible idea. This Instructable was for entertainment purposes only. You should never replicate this." -- Don't say we didn't warn you. Check the related links to the left for some safer Earth Day DIY projects.)

Energy-Saving Light Shines Only When Your Eyes Are Open
Here's a funny idea: a light that is only on when your eyelids are up. Check out how to make one for yourself!

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