Energy-Saving Charger Rescues Phones from Vampire Power


Photo via O2

A new energy efficient charger claims to be the first "green" cell phone charger to hit the UK, and also says it has what it takes to end wasted power during cell phone charging. O2 has launched a universal cell phone charger that claims to cut energy consumption by 70% over Energy Star standards.

Sounds great…but will people actually use it?O2’s charger utilizes a power control system that cuts power going to the phone once the battery is charged – essentially reducing phantom power. The company estimates that this would save UK phone users over £30 million each year in wasted energy.

That is a pretty awesome amount of savings. The thing is, a lot of cell phone chargers already are getting quite energy efficient, and most people are just going to use the charger that came with their phone in the first place. Unless of course they lose it and are shopping for another. And at only £14.99, it’s a darn cheap option.

The more effective solution right off the bat is something along the lines of the rating system the cell phone industry is putting into place that shows consumers the efficiency of the charger during the phone purchasing process and weigh that in with their selection. Though if a person reeeeeallly wants a certain phone with a wasteful charger, this could be their next best purchase.

Right now the O2 Universal Charger is available in the UK and compatible with Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices – pretty cool considering they rank highly on Greenpeace’s electronics manufacturers scorecard. Compatibility with the ubiquitous iPhone and BlackBerry will happen in early 2009.

Saving energy wherever possible is needed, so let's hope that the O2 charger lives up to its claims and that consumers are able to cut down wasted energy.

via O2
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