Energy Monitor Concept Gives Realtime Feedback

It might feel so 2009 to talk about home energy monitoring. The trend has taken a decidedly downward turn since even the giants like Google and Microsoft bailed on their power monitoring platforms. Yet that doesn't mean we can just forget about how important it is to measure, monitor and adjust our energy use -- and it certainly hasn't stopped manufacturers from focusing on the automated home, which includes energy management tools. So that's why we're glad designers are still considering ways to get people engaged in saving energy -- like with the Coonso from designers Elie Ahovi, Jérémie Levain, Sébastien Ledoux and Marion Caulet featured on Yanko Design.

The design follows the minimalism of the Nest Thermostat that has become so popular since its launch. However, it doesn't quite accomplish the ease of use of the Nest -- though it does attempt to do more than just control heating and cooling.

Basically, you carry the Coonso to whichever room you're occupying and use it to adjust the lights and temperature of the room. One of the blades of the object shows the best ratio between comfort and savings, while the other you can adjust to either meet that ratio or suit your preferences. It allows you to see what is best while letting you have complete control.

How it would actually work (from gathering real-time data on energy pricing to calculate the savings-to-comfort ratio to how it senses and then controls the lighting and temperature settings) is still a big question mark, since the designers want you to be able to use it while holding it in your hand when you walk in a room. But the basic idea is there -- a gadget that allows you to see, and adjust, two of the biggest energy sucks in a household.

What do you think -- is this something you'd ever want to see available for your home, or is it too far off the mark of what's realistic for saving energy?

Energy Monitor Concept Gives Realtime Feedback
A new concept design for controlling lighting and heat would let you dial down your energy bill, literally.

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