Energy Hog Plasma TVs Getting Banned From EU

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California isn't the only place taking energy-sucking Plasma TVs off the store shelves. The European Union is also instituting a ban on plasma TVs that are on the higher end of energy consumption.

Giant energy-guzzling flatscreens are expected to be banned under legislation due to be agreed by the EU this spring...The most energy intensive will be phased out under the new EU standards for minimum energy performance, which will follow the voluntary withdrawal of the traditional 100watt light bulb.

The plasma TVs that remain on shelves after the ban will have labels helping consumers make energy efficient choices.

Taking away a variety of choices in the market place might be a subject for some hearty debate. But curbing rampant energy consumption by any real measure may just mean taking this route, rather than waiting for consumers to shift their thinking. Of course, pricing electricity at more appropriate rates may accomplish this same task.

Either way, it sends a distinct message to manufacturers - make more efficient devices, or get cut out all together.

Via Daily Mail

UPDATE: Via the New York Times' Green Inc

According to Noah Horowitz, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the EU standards being discussed are actually less aggressive than the California efficiency requirement push.

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