Energizer Solar Powered Battery Charger to Debut at CES

energizer battery charger solar powered photo

Photo via Good Clean Tech

Looks like there are going to be greener ways to charge up AA and AAA batteries, and it's not just a concept.

Energizer is going to debut a solar powered battery charger at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Good Clean Tech got an inside scoop on the upcoming gadget (don't worry, we'll get up close when we attend CES so you can see more).

According to Good Clean Tech, the device:

• will feature a USB-out port to power other devices (since some cell phones, cameras, and GPS units have USB plugs, like most iPods for example);

• can be charged from an AC wall outlet in addition to the sun;

• and is weatherproof to withstand the elements.

It looks to go on sale this summer for about $50 which is a little pricey for a battery charger, but not overly so, and is worth it to be able to utilize solar for your batteries.

More info to come soon.

Via Good Clean Tech
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