EcoShield Your iProducts

agent18 ecoshield case image

Photo via Agent 18

Protecting your gadgets is a big part of making them last as long as possible and helping to prevent e-waste. Considering the reputation Apple products have for unfixability, keeping them safe is a priority. One of the greener options for your iPhone or iPod Touch is the EcoShield. Produced by Agent 18, the cases are made from recycled plastic bottles and protect your Apple gadgets from bumps and scratches. The packaging is also made from recycled materials. However, specifics for percentage of recycled materials used and how recycleable the case is are slim.

Ranging from $15 to $30 depending on the gadget you’re purchasing it for, the EcoShield looks like a fairly green option to make your gadget last. Of course, there are some great DIY ideas that are even greener, too.

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