ECOlogical Calendar App Arrives Just In Time for New Year Calendar Hunting

ecocal iphone app screenshots image

Screenshots via ECOlogical Calendar

Early last month we let you know that the ECOlogical Calendar, a very cool iPhone app, would be available soon. Well, it's here, and just in time for end-of-year calendar hunting.

Read on to watch a video of the app to see how it works. The ECOlogical Calendar is a beautifully illustrated interactive calendar that shows you everything from constellations to tides, from plants to animals and what everything is doing during the course of the year. It pulls up information on what its showing you, and even holidays for that month.

Watch a very cool video for how this app works and sample its features.

If you're looking for a really beautiful calendar for your iPhone, or a green gift for an iPhone-using loved one, this is a good option. It's priced at $9.99. There is also a wall calendar version and an engagement calendar version should you want it but not have an iPhone.

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