Ecobee Smart Thermostat Lets You Dip Your Toes into Smart Home Integration

ecobee smart meter photo

Smart Home systems are great ways to reduce your energy costs by giving you real time information about your home's energy use and making it easy to conserve. But so far, a full home integration is pretty pricey. What if you just want to make your home a little bit smart for now?

Homeowners can take smaller steps to making a big difference with the new ecobee Smart Thermostat. This cool thermostat manages your heating and cooling system, and hooks up to your home's WiFi to fully integrate into your utility system. The thermostat is super easy to install and program using the touchscreen or the Internet. In fact, because it hooks up to your WiFi, you can get updates via Internet any time, any where so you can adjust your heating and cooling settings to fit better energy-saving patterns. Your utility company can communicate with you, letting you know of alerts, updates, and ways to reduce your bill by reducing your energy use.

There is even a "Quick Save" button, where your thermostat will automatically change the settings to optimize energy conservation (could this simply be the "off" button?).

President & CEO Stuart Lombard: "The ecobee philosophy is 'green made easy'! We can make a positive environmental impact if we make conservation a simple and easy choice."

And if later on down the road you find you want to go whole hot and make your home an energy genius, there are optional ZigBee expansion slots to integrate it into a larger smart home set up.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is $385 — a fairly sizeable investment — but the company says you'll earn that back in energy savings within the first 12 to 18 months. Combine this with items like Ploggs, smart power strips and other devices making their way onto the market and you're well on your way to some real energy savings.

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