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It's hitting that time of year when we start keeping our eye out for the coolest calendar we can find to guide us through the upcoming year.

While attending Bioneers 2008, we found a very cool calendar company called ECOcal. The company produces a calendar that runs in a linear fashion, and shows what's going on in nature at that time of year. It shifts the focus from our coffee dates and puts it back on the ecosystem. With gorgeous illustrations and cool facts about flora and fauna, the calendar changes for each season.

While illustrative calendars are beautiful, though, we know that useful calendars that we utilitze daily usually come in digital format. Right now, ECOcal is developing an app for iPhones so you can put nature in a prime place. Information about the phases of the moon, stars and life on earth will be at your finger tips, thanks to this new app.

The calendar allows you to scroll left or right to watch as the world shifts from season to season. You can focus in on a particular factoid about an animal, see how a certain plant reacts to a changing season, or find a particular constellation for a close look at the stars.

ECOCal let us know that the application will be polished up and available at the iPhone App Store before the holidays hit so you can get the 2009 version. Pricing will be about $9.99. We'll let you know as soon as it's available.

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