Portable iPhone Speaker Is Made from Recycled Paper

If you feel guilty about the environmental footprint of your iPhone, don't compound it by buying electronic speakers. Instead, go with the eco-amp, an amplifier made from 100% FSC certified post-consumer recycled fibers.

The eco-amp is the debut product from eco-made, a Los Angeles start up by David LeGrand and Hayley Strauss. Sold for only $7.99, it comes as a flat piece of paper that you fold into a small cone. That means that if you want to throw it in your backpack without crushing it, you can just unfold it, and reassemble it when you get where you're going. (Only the cone unfolds, not the end that fits on the phone, but that's nearly as good.)

In an e-mail, LeGrand said:

The eco amp (is a great product to have because it) allows you to be spontaneous with your music and sound, without sacrificing the environment. Whether it is pulling over to the side of the road for a picnic or relaxing on the beach with friends, the eco-amp enhances your iPhone experience.

From the promo video below, it looks pretty easy to set up, and the sound quality and volume is impressive. It's a simple, clean design that avoids the scourge of e-waste and make your life simpler and greener. Good stuff all around.

Portable iPhone Speaker Is Made from Recycled Paper
The eco-amp is a simple iPhone amplifier made from recycled materials, great for music on the move.

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