eBay Launches Store for Apple-Certified Refurbished Products

ebay store imageeBay/Screen capture

There are many ways to save money and go light on the planet this holiday season, and buying used is one of them. eBay has made a timely addition to their company by launching a store for refurbished Apple products that are certified by Apple itself.

Apple Insider reports, "eBay's new Apple Certified Refurbished Product store currently lists a variety of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPod touch products. The online retailer and auction house says each product has passed through the same quality inspection as those refurbished products available on Apple's own online store, and each comes with the same full one-year warranty. Additionally, all iPads and iPods include a brand new battery."

If you've been thinking about getting an iPad, you can score one for as little as $469, with prices going up as the condition of the used item improves. A 13" MacBook Air can be had for as little as $919 and a 17" MacBook Pro is just $2,119.

Buying refurbished items is a wonderful way to save money and still get high quality items that will last years. And the fact that everything comes with a one-year warranty and some products sport brand new batteries, it's hard to go wrong.

eBay Launches Store for Apple-Certified Refurbished Products
eBay's timely launch will help holiday shoppers find great deals and also have a lighter environmental footprint.

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