EarHero Earbuds Let You Hear Music and Street Sounds, May Keep You Safe

There's a problem for pedestrians and cyclists, a problem we've been talking about for years: Wear your earbuds while out walking or cycling and you could end up dead.

The fact is, if you are blasting music in your ears you're far less likely to hear oncoming traffic. While we encourage walking and cycling as forms of transportation, we want you do be safe while you're out there. That's why the new EarHero earbuds look rather promising.

EarHero call their product "the world's safest earphone." It is designed by Matt Murphy, an audiologist, to allow sound from both music and the street to enter your ear.

Gizmag writes, "[E]arHero incorporates two tiny speakers, one of which slides into each ear canal. A retention device attached to each speaker sits inside the bowl of the ear, to keep it in place. Because the speakers are so small, they don’t occupy the entire width of the ear canal, reportedly allowing outside noises to still be heard and, because they don't seal the ear, are said to help prevent hearing loss over time. However, this might also mean that it’s easier for other people to hear the user’s music."

I think if they help keep you alive, it might be worth temporarily annoying other people. Of course you could also solve this problem by just putting one earbud in your ear and leaving the other free to pick up street sounds. Or, there's the other practical solution of simply keeping your music turned down far enough that you can still pick up street noise. Then you don't have to lay down $149 for EarHero buds.

If you're someone who can't seem to get the practical solutions to work for you, then maybe you want to try these out. No matter which option you choose, please stay safe when walking and listening at the same time.

Here's a video on how the earbuds work:

EarHero Earbuds Let You Hear Music and Street Sounds, May Keep You Safe
Getting hit by a car is no fun. Trust us. And when you blast your music when walking or cycling you increase your odds of an accident. These earbuds hope to help with that problem.

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