E•Cycle Electronic Waste Recyclers

How about a company that takes its customers hiking, camping. mountain biking and kayaking to give them an appreciation of the natural environment? Or one that provides staff with clothing made from organic cotton or recycled materials? Or donates 1% of its revenues to environmental organisations? These are some of the activities of the Californian based E•Cycle electronic waste recyclers. Unlike other players in this growing industry they proclaim a zero export policy. They break up the e-waste into 13 material streams and feed it back, after recycling, to local California businesses to make new products. An End Life Report records the serial numbers of data devices destroyed and reprocessed. Sounds like a very impressive program. How it's funded is not immediately apparent, but we assume it is a fee-based service. The E-Cycle environmental mission is described as "to eradicate the improper disposal of obsolete electronic equipment from the corporate and institutional sectors in the most ethical, cost effective, and accountable manner." Thanks to Mike S. for the tip. Look for more info at ::E•Cycle