e-Stewards Announces Big News for e-Waste Recyclers

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The Basel Action Network, the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, and 32 electronics recyclers in the US and Canada have a big announcement that will help boost the responsible recycling of e-waste.

e-Stewards, a program that gives gold stars to responsible recyclers, will soon be fully accredited and certified, becoming the very first independently audited and accredited program in North America. The program will help out in quite a few ways to reduce the occurrence of illegal and harmful e-waste practices. The e-Stewards program will:

forbid the dumping of toxic e-waste in developing countries, local landfills and incinerators; the use of prison labor to process e-waste; and the unauthorized release of private data contained in discarded computers.

Sarah Westervelt, e-Stewards project coordinator at BAN puts it bluntly:

"Unfortunately today, most of those companies calling themselves electronics recyclers are scammers. They simply load up containers of old computers and ship them off to China or Africa."

Recycling indeed feels like a big scam. Zero waste is our ultimate goal. And yet, in the mean time, we have to be sure we can trust who it is we're taking our e-waste to since we are taking the time and care not to dump the toxic junk in a landfill in the first place.

With the e-Stewards program, consumers and businesses will have a selection of trustworthy programs through which they can recycle their electronics. And anyone who watched the 60 Minutes episode on toxic e-waste will likely be even more thankful for the program's vigilance.

You can catch a video about the program and you also find out locations of e-Steward approved recyclers.

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