E-ink Reveals Flexible, Extra-Tough e-Paper Display

e-ink display image

Image via ARMdevices video

E-ink, a company hard at work on perfecting electronic paper technology, has revealed a new flexible e-paper display that is intended to help get more e-readers into schools. The classroom is an ideal setting for e-readers -- they hold hundreds of books and images, allow note-taking and other necessary features students need, and may one day soon even be able to play video, all on a low-power device. Companies from Sony to Amazon are vying to make the perfect device for students, but what they'll all need is a display screen that's tough to injure. And that's what E-ink is showing off.
ARMdevice writes, "Sriram Peruvemba, Vice president of marketing at E-ink, presents the new flexible plastic based E-ink display. That new plastic e-ink screen technology will make it more usable for school children to use E-ink based devices to read all their textbooks and for all to access all books and texts ever written in the whole world."

The Kindle has been tested out in classroom settings at Princeton University, but students found it to be too cumbersome to navigate. On the other hand, Apple's iPad is easier to navigate with its touchscreen technology, yet uses far, far more energy and has an LCD display rather than an e-paper display which is easy on the eyes during long periods of reading. If we're going to see e-readers replace paper books in the classroom soon, it'll be with some sort of energy-sipping, indestructible, e-paper shown here, but with touch-screen navigation.

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