E Ink Clock : About Time

Electronic ink is an idea (E Ink is the company) that has been just a year away from major deployment for about 5 years now. The latest reincarnation of my E Ink fantasies has been floating around the net for a few days and I only heard about it today! Citizen Watch Co., Ltd., known for their 'Eco-Drive' have teamed up with E Ink to produce the "World's first curved clock to utilize an electronic paper display". Why is this worthy of Treehugger? Well, the electronic paper clock in question does not need backlighting to display, and there is no energy required to maintain the image — only to change it. This adds up to 1/100 the power consumption of a normal display. Also, with twice the contrast, visibility from a wide view angle, and a foldable form function- the design possibilities are inherently delicious. The rumor is that the clock will be launched in Japan first, but no date has yet been set. :: E Ink News Release ::Citizen Watch ::E Ink