Drones will deliver textbooks to Australian students

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This is one of the more interesting ideas I've heard about in a while. Australian textbook rental company Zookal has teamed up with Flirtey, a drone start-up, to deliver their textbooks to students. By combining their efforts, they've come up with a way to make textbooks much cheaper by allowing students to rent instead of buy and they've cut out the expensive shipping costs of the heavy books.

Of course, the program also lets students have a smaller environmental footprint by renting and sharing textbooks and subbing out the polluting shipping process with battery-powered drones.

Smart Planet reports, "Zookal will use Flirtey to send parcels for free and claims deliveries can be made in as little as two or three minutes, in comparison to the days required for traditional shipping methods. Upon arrival at its delivery destination, a drone will hover and lower the parcel through a custom delivery mechanism that is attached to a retractable cord. Customers will be able to track their parcels through a smartphone application."

The partnership is set to launch next year in Australia and then expand to the U.S. in 2015. Not only will it be the first drone textbook delivery service, but Flirtey says this will mark the first drone parcel delivery program in the world.

You can watch a video about the service below.

Drones will deliver textbooks to Australian students
The unmanned flying devices cut out expensive and polluting shipping methods for the heavy books.

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