Dow Jones Names Nokia the World's Most Sustainable Tech Company

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Now here's something to stretch your imagination: Nokia as the world's most sustainable technology company. Maybe, maybe not - something like this is sure to entice debate. But according to Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, that's how it rolls out when looking at how over 2,500 companies in 50 countries incorporate sustainability into their practices. According to a Nokia press release, the company has already been rated for several years as the leader within the Europe and Communications categories. But this year they were chosen as "World Technology Supersector Leader," making it the leader across the entire global technology sector.

It's probably not a terribly far stretch - for one thing, they typically rank relatively high on Greenpeace's stringent green electronics rating; additionally we've seen the company's initiatives on ensuring no conflict minerals enter their supply chain, and the various eco-friendly programs they implement at no direct benefit to themselves, such as Green Explorer. Nokia tends to live out sustainable principles.

Whether or not that record makes them the most sustainable is still relatively subjective, but no matter what, they've earned some serious green cred by scoring a top rank within the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. Here are the key areas noted in the press release where we give a big applause to Nokia, regardless of their rank:

Nokia has been integrating environmental and sustainable activities into the way it does business for more than a decade and the company considers the environment in ALL of the devices it makes by reducing environmental impacts in packaging, energy consumption, materials and manufacturing processes, and recyclability.

Nokia works with a number of public sector bodies, NGOs and voluntary groups to harness the power of mobile technology to address environmental, social or economic issues.

As part of its climate change strategy, Nokia is constantly working on reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency across its business. Some of its actions include reducing travel, investing in research and development of new technologies using renewable energy resources, and plans to increase the usage of green electricity which already accounts for 25% of all energy the company consumes.

Nokia has always taken the understated approach to showing its greener side - rather than constantly sending out a barrage of announcements, it usually comes up with an improvement or new plan and you find out about it at a tradeshow or a press release sent out with little fanfare. In part because of this modesty, we take announcements like this with far less skepticism than we might normally, and so give a congrats to Nokia for earning their placement.

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