Doing More with Less: DIY iPod Speakers

ipod speaker diy project photo

Photo via Yanko Design

When it comes to electronics, doing more with less is key to sustainability. Also helpful is ditching plastic gadgets for paper, and DIYing it whenever you can.

A design from Dmitry Zagga, featured over at Yanko Design combines all these essential elements in a great speaker set-up for iPods.

Read on for details and how to do this yourself. Zagga's idea is one of those "Well, of course!" ideas that we only think about when we're bound and determined not to buy something new and just use what is around the house to create whatever it is we want.

How can these ever so simple speakers be yours? Snag four paper cups either from the stash you've had since three New Year's Eves ago or from a nearby fast food spot or coffee shop. Punch holes in the back of two of them. Place them on top of the other two, and stick your ear buds through the holes. Voila!

They might not be the most amazing sound quality, but they'll project sound just fine and work in a pinch.

If you do this project (or other More with Less gadget projects), send in your photos! We'd love to highlight them.

Via Yanko Design
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