Do You Own A TV? (survey)

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When Megan wrote How to Get the Most Savings Out of Your Energy-Efficient HDTV I wondered, really? Do TreeHugger readers own these things? A while back, Jaymi noted that TV ownership was declining for the first time ever, and suggested that:

For these younger urbanites, a laptop is more than sufficient for viewing favorite shows on Hulu, streaming new shows, and watching movies on Netflix...and a TV is just a financial burden and a space hog in small apartments.

We did a survey at the time, but with the dropping price of TVs, the increase in availability of legal stuff online, the changes in the economy, the HDTV technology, I wonder if the numbers have changed significantly, so I ask again:

Do You Own A TV? (survey)
Does the dropping price of a big screen change the picture?

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